Industrial cyber security certification in india

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Industrial cyber security certification in india

Book Training Online. Modern cyber-attacks can only be stopped with modern security measures. This course offers you professional approaches to risk mitigation from the field of IT security in industry. How you can evaluate your current security measures for effectiveness with combined testing. After this course you will know how to identify, evaluate and avoid security risks.

industrial cyber security certification in india

In addition to that, you will learn how security risks may affect the safety goals of components used in safety-related applications. After completing this training course, you will have learned an approach to help you assess how great the risks to your systems are, and what documentation to prepare. This training course is relevant to managers, product managers, technical leads and developers from industry. Our courses are delivered by tutors who are experts in security and functional safety, as well as experienced trainers.

Your knowledge and skills will be developed through an interactive and practical approach to learning. Learn how to assess security risks challenges and prepare your organisation with SGS. Course Content During this training course, we will cover topics including: An introduction to Security for Safety S4S concepts for industrial automation and control systems Extension of existing safety processes according to IEC to cover the topic of security integration of IEC Combined assessment of safety and security Appropriate techniques and measures for risk minimization at product level IEC New work products or process steps Extension of the IEC life cycle After completing this training course, you will have learned an approach to help you assess how great the risks to your systems are, and what documentation to prepare.

Target Group This training course is relevant to managers, product managers, technical leads and developers from industry. Trusted Security for Safety Training from a Leading Course Provider Our courses are delivered by tutors who are experts in security and functional safety, as well as experienced trainers. To find out more about our S4S training, contact us today.Candidates are required to demonstrate an understanding of the Active Defense approach, ICS-specific attacks and how these attacks inform mitigation strategies.

Candidates must also show an understanding of the strategies and fundamental techniques specific to core subjects with an ICS-focus such as network security monitoring NSMdigital forensics and incident response DFIR. GIAC certification attempts will be activated in your GIAC account after your application has been approved and according to the terms of your purchase.

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Details on delivery will be provided along with your registration confirmation upon payment. You will receive an email notification when your certification attempt has been activated in your account.

You will have days from the date of activation to complete your certification attempt. GIAC exams are delivered online through a standard web browser.

There are many sources of information available regarding the certification objectives' knowledge areas. Practical experience is an option; there are also numerous books on the market covering Computer Information Security. Another option is any relevant courses from training providers, including SANS.

COVID isn't just forcing companies to have their employee [ Certifications Why Certify? Register for Exam.

How to prepare for your first AWS Certification! (Resource & Strategies included)

Renew GRID. Additionally, the candidate will demonstrate an understanding of how well-known ICS attacks can inform security professionals today. Detection and Analysis in an ICS environment The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of the tools and techniques used to analyze network security evidence from an industrial control system environment to perform packet, traffic, and file analysis. Discovery and Monitoring in an ICS environment The candidate will understand the essential purposes and practices of asset and network monitoring and discovery within an ICS environment.

Additionally, the candidate will be familiar with the methods and tools that can be used towards discovery and monitoring in an ICS environment. ICS-focused Digital Forensics The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts of digital forensics within an industrial control system environment and will be familiar with the process of determining how and when to initiate an examination of events.

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Additionally, the candidate will demonstrate an understanding of the tools and techniques to accomplish digital forensics. ICS-focused Incident Response The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts of incident response within an ICS environment and will be familiar with the process of determining how and when to initiate an examination of events.

Additionally, the candidate will demonstrate an understanding of the tools and techniques to accomplish incident response. Malware Analysis Techniques The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of the tools and techniques used by malware analysis engineers when examining unknown and potentially dangerous evidence. The candidate will be familiar with the process and tools used to extract information from various file system and network artifacts to recover and analyze malware samples.

Threat Analysis in an ICS environment The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of threat and malware analysis techniques using concepts such as indicators of compromise.

industrial cyber security certification in india

Threat Intelligence Fundamentals The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of threat intelligence concepts. Additionally, the candidate will be able to describe the mechanisms used to share threat intelligence and the standards used for the creation and use of threat intelligence.

Practical work experience can help ensure that you have mastered the skills necessary for certification College level courses or study through another program may meet the needs for mastery.This program is designed to produce an industry ready IT expertise during their colleges or after their regular academics.

Duration : Hours. Have you been nurturing a dream of mastering cyber security? Do you wish to be professionally in all the state-of-the-art counter-measure protocols against the most sophisticated of cyber security threats? The CompTIA or the Computing Technology Industry Association is offering you the opportunity of a lifetime to increase your grasp over the domain of cyber security.

In this certification course, academics get to hone their security skills in the digital world so they can learn the latest conventions in designing cyber systems security strategies against a sea of innovating digital threats. The course has a direct approach that highlights every critical chapter in IT security as we understand it today.

industrial cyber security certification in india

The course offers students a comprehensive, applied knowledge about using the right cyber security tools and processes, to foster a secure IT network environment.

The certification programs have already given the industry some of the most progressive minds in the field of cyber security, today. All our trainer are Certified in their Products. B2E certified Industry experienced faculty. They ensure students are benefited with in depth practical training. We offer all these opening to the students. They will be able to directly apply for the openings through our Student Portal.

The course contents are more practically oriented and I am very much satisfied with the course. The trainer was really very helpful.

Cyber Security Certification: GICSP

I am a fresher computer engineer, but when I was searching jobs they all were asking for any extra programming language skill and when I reached livewire they suggested me the Java courseand that made the turning point in my carrier. I would recommend to my friends too.


Correct place to acquire knowledge. I was very impressed with how the technical knowledge was translated into usability in the field. Wonderful training sessions and workshops. The teachers are very friendly and they have a good infrastructure. I learnt automation course from here they provide hands-on hardware training and good job assistance.

Duration : Hours Read more. What's the course about Have you been nurturing a dream of mastering cyber security? Enquire Now. Technology Partners. Corporate Style Training. Individual focus.

Cyber Security Certification: GRID

Quality training from Experts. Learn the required skill. What Will I Learn? Internationally recognized Course Completion certificate View.

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Deep Learning Module View. Instructor-led training from an expert Hardware based Real Time Application training and hands-on practice. Who Can Enroll? What's Our Students Says.Local, instructor-led live Cyber Security also known as Cybersecurity, Internet Security or IT Security training courses demonstrate through interactive discussion and hands-on practice how to understand, plan and implement an Cybersecurity strategy within their organization.

Special focus is given to setting up the proper systems and procedures needed to detect and mitigate threats. Internet Security courses are available as interactive trainings and a number of them include a testing and certification component. Cybersecurity training is available as "onsite live training" or "remote live training". Onsite live Cyber Security trainings in India can be carried out locally on customer premises or in NobleProg corporate training centers.

Remote live training is carried out by way of an interactive, remote desktop. We also provide one-on-one Training sessions upon request. It has become a gateway to Electronic City, a major IT hub of the city.

HSR Layout has emerged as a posh locality of Bengaluru with wide streets, parks and all modern civic amenities. It lies in the Bommanahalli constituency of State assembly. The layout, which is built on land reclaimed from the Agara lake, is located between Hosur Road and Sarjapur Road.

Kavuri Hills, Hyderabad, is a prime commercial locality. We encourage our students and delegates to bring along their own laptops during the Koregaon Park or KP is an area located south of the Mula-Mutha River in Pune, a city in the province of Maharashtra in western India; this area is often viewed as one of the most prestigious addresses in Pune.

The area was primarily a residential area with lush greenery, but of late has been growing into a commercial marketplace.

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Property prices here are the highest in Maharashtra after South Mumbai. A mere 5 minutes walk from FC Road where food and restaurants are abundant.

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We encourage our students and delegates to bring along their own laptops during Once known to be a prime residential locale, Senapati Bapat Road today has metamorphosed into a major IT and commercial hub of Pune. En route, the road houses elite educational institutes such as Symbiosis College of Arts, Commerce and Science, and Bavdhan is suburb of Pune, India. It is located off the Mumbai-Bangalore national highway, by-passing Pune city.

Bavdhan road serves as the main approach road for Mumbai-Pune expressway and near Chandani Chowk. The train station is about 10 km Khar is a suburb of Mumbai, north of Bandra and south of Santa Cruz. It is divided into Khar West and Khar East areas. It is an area within convenient distances to many pharmacies,parks,colleges,schools,restaurants,etc. Andheri is a suburb of Mumbai, situated in the west of the city on Salsette Island. Line 1 of the Mumbai Metro spans the entire suburb of Andheri Andheri metro station Line 1 of the Mumbai Metro spans the entire suburb of Andheri Andheri metro station connecting Versova in Wellington Pier formerly known as Apollo Bunder was an important pier for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and goods in the city of Bombay now MumbaiIndia in the late 19th century.

It is the location of the famed Gateway of India. We encourage our A mere 5-minute walk from other popular business parks, the centre is also accessible via the Western and Central railway lines. Lower Parel railway station have 3 platforms.Organizations are increasingly preoccupied with strengthening the digital security of their industrial control systems ICS.

They no doubt heard FireEye reveal that it had detected a second intrusion by the same actor behind Triton malware at a second critical infrastructure organization.

In response to these as well as many other cyber incidents, organizations are looking to protect their operational technology OT environments using a nuanced approach. Doing nothing is no longer an option. One way that organizations can better protect their ICS is by encouraging their industrial cybersecurity professionals to hone their skills and training using respected technical resource providers in the field.

These providers can also help IT cybersecurity personnel learn about industrial environments and how best to implement cyber controls relative to uptime and safety of the industrial process. Founded: Personnel working in industrial security should consider achieving three certifications in particular. The first certification, Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional GICSPis a vendor-neutral program that teaches enrollees how to balance IT, engineering and digital security to protect industrial control systems.

Created by the U. It helps all these actors remain aware of the latest threats by publishing advisoriesalertssecurity awareness reports and other publications.

For ongoing digital defense learning, ICS-CERT also provides hands-on and web-based trainingand it works with ICS subject matter experts to make recommended security practices as well as standards and recommendations available. They can also review additional information provided by dozens of separate knowledge centers. A part of the Automation Federation, the International Society of Automation ISA is a non-profit organization with that caters to tens of thousands of industrial security professionals and other automation personnel worldwide.

Cyber Security Courses

It promotes security awareness of these standards via workforce development and training programs as well as professional certificate tracks. Additional industrial security system resources provided by ISA can be found here. This program teaches individuals how to develop a SCADA security policy, how to implement SCADA security best practices as well as how to implement user authentication and authorization to their industrial control systems.

Those who pass the exam, a two-hour test consisting of randomly selected questions, will also emerge with a firm understanding of how to conduct vulnerability assessments in industrial environments and protect SCADA systems against digital attacks. Once ICS professionals have referred to the trusted technical providers discussed above, they might want to consider industrial cybersecurity solutions like those offered by Tripwire and its parent company Belden to gain visibility, implement protective controls, and perform continuous monitoring to protect against cyber events negatively impacting safety, productivity, and quality.

Toggle navigation.Start your free trial. Modern organizations are facing more security threats than ever before. Data breaches and systematic hacks of company resources are becoming more frequent, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down. Generalized approaches to system security no longer provide sufficient protection against increasingly sophisticated threats, and qualified security professionals to combat these threats are in short supply.

It is for this reason companies are willing to pay top dollar for certified IT security professionals. Learning Material: EC-Council study materials can be found here.

Many security roles exist where CEH-type certifications are required. The CEH teaches valuable skills with hands-on testing. It is a good certification for information security professionals and network administrators seeking an introduction to ethical hacking and penetration testing. Department of Defense. This is an excellent entry-level course excellent for those new to the world of information security.

The CISSP is an elite qualification that shows your employer and colleagues you have a solid foundation in digital security. The skills learned in this course are critical for anyone who needs to design, engineer and implement information security systems in the work place. This is the reason the certification holds such high value among IT security professionals. The CISSP is a universally recognized certification that can boost your career and increase your earnings.

It is one of the most sought-after certifications in information security — anyone that is looking to advance their career would do well to complete this certification. The CISM is geared towards people looking for a more senior, managerial position where information security, assurance and risk management are part of their job responsibilities. As the demand for information security management professionals continues to rise, so does demand for CISM holders.

Managerial roles in information security are also more widely advertised by corporate companies seeking to retain skilled information security managers. Information security professionals looking to move into managerial positions will find this certification especially useful. The CISA is seen as a world-renowned standard of achievement for any security professional who has to audit, control and monitor information technology and business systems.

This qualification has been accredited by the American National Standards Institute ANSImaking it a great option for any security professional who is looking to earn a certification that is an internationally recognized standard.

A certified CISA candidate will find many great benefits to winning this designation, including improved employment prospects and greater influence in the work place. This certification is highly beneficial to anyone who works in IT and is responsible for auditing, controlling, monitoring and assessing IT systems. One of the main reasons for security professionals to take the CCSP is to prove they are knowledgeable about cloud security and all security-related cloud considerations — an environment at the forefront of business innovation in IT.

Cloud environments are filled with security challenges that change daily, so gaining the CCSP is vital for showing employers you are well versed in the required security considerations that are part and parcel of cloud computing.Cybersecurity has quickly become a serious issue for professionals in critical infrastructure industries.

IEC has answers. There are well established strategies and techniques that automation professionals can employ to discover and mitigate security vulnerabilities and improve the inherent security of their products and systems. Much of this information is in a series of new international standards — IEC Learning and adopting these strategies will help companies stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities and reduce the likelihood of an incident.

The IEC series of standards and technical reports defines procedures for implementing electronically secure systems from many different industries including transportation, medical, robotics, and Industrial Automation and Control Systems IACS.

These strategies and techniques apply to end-users i. Cybersecurity certification programs have been established to assess compliance with IEC and ISO standards by impartial third party technical organizations. Each program is described by a document includes all requirements from the referenced standards in addition to specific needs expressed by the exida Advisory Board.

The exida Security Development Process program is based upon IEC and covers manufacturer design and development, especially software design and coding. The exida System Integrator Process program is based upon IEC and covers the cybersecurity aspects of system integration, testing, and installation. The certification covers the process itself not any specific device or system designed using that process.

This program allows a system integrator to show cybersecurity competence to potential customers and results in more secure systems. A device an embedded control product, a platform device, or a software application can get a cybersecurity certification from exida.

Each device must be designed and tested following a cybersecurity engineering process per IEC and the device must include a set of cybersecurity defense techniques as specified in IEC There are four security levels specified in that standard with sets of requirements that increase with higher numbered levels as shown in the Figure below.

Any device meeting the requirements of this program will be given a certificate stating the achieved security level which demonstrates to potential customers the cybersecurity strength built into the device.

industrial cyber security certification in india

This scheme has similar requirements to a device cybersecurity certification except it is applied a system level where many devices are networked into a system. With this certification a system supplier can show accredited third party cybersecurity certification for all devices in the system when configured and maintained according to the security manual. This certification scheme applies to a networked system designed by an integration company per an engineering process for integrators and provides cybersecurity features as required by IEC Four security levels are specified with additional cybersecurity defense mechanisms needed for each higher level.

View Completed Cybersecurity Certifications. The team at exida has comprehensive knowledge of the IEC standards based upon:. Active participation on the cybersecurity standards committees — an understanding of not only the requirements but the reasons for the requirements.

Several years of experience in practical real world automation cybersecurity. Any manufacturer, system integrator, or security practitioner interested in getting an exida cybersecurity certification is most welcome to contact us for more details. Companies are being driven to run leaner operations and optimize performance.

This raises the potential for catastrophic industrial safety accidents and cyber attacks. Consequently, it is more important than ever to have personnel that are competent. It can also save money by simplifying regulatory compliance, reducing engineering costs, and preventing unplanned downtime. Completing a personnel certification program can help address these challenges. Request a Proposal. Toggle navigation.


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